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Panda Sounds

What do pandas sound like?

This is my favorite- Tai Shan lets out a bark after he gets a vaccination. Not a happy panda.

This is from the National Geographic's kids site (Real Player required)

And I also found this.  Doesn't sound happy either.


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Is that a roasting pan they've got him playing in today? It reminds me of that Hansel and Gretl clip with Bugs Company. Qucik! Someone alert Wonkette!


Butterstick looks so cute i that video. Thanks for the link.

this is a great site for all us Tai Shan fans. Watching that guy is so addictive. He is so adorable and has such a cute widdle panda bubble butt. Sometimes I find myself talking baby talk to panda cam when he's being extra adorable or I'm worried he's going to tumble off the rocks in the exhibit area. Must be that biological clock.

Great blog! Love the vids and pics.

I wuv you butterstick!!!

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