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HOWTO: Make a baby panda

UntitledThis is Hua Mei, born in 1999, and she's great at giving birth to baby pandas. 

However, pandas are not good at making baby pandas without help.  Artificial insemination works well     (it made Hua Mei) but researchers have also tried to make panda lovemaking more successful.

They've tried viagra and have used panda porn to show the boys and the girls how to do it.

Panda porn worked for Hua Mei and we hope it helps the two pandas in Thailand, Chuang Chuang and Lin Hui, because they're going to be watching some DVDs soon to help them study up...

After all, they looked like they could use a helpful hint the other day.

The photo is from the Baby Panda page, a fantastic site all about Hua Mei.


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Bourbon Reviews

Reminds me of Butterstick at the Washing Nation Zoo. Baby pandas are cute.

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Because of reading your blog, I decided to start my own. I had never been interested in keeping a blog until I saw how interesting yours is, now I am inspired! Thanks a lot.


Greetings to labwitch!

Pandemonium at work!

No way these pandas are going to become couch potatoes.


a link to the panda cub new year's celebration at wolong.


whoa miss/mr.cracker lilo i never thought of teenagers. scary if that happened, but it is funny with pandas. thanks for making my morning with a strange and funny thought.


See what's getting everyone's attention!

Well, I do think animals can see things on TV. My cats watch it, and a couple of them roar back at lions on Animal Planet and try to catch fish, which is adorable. I also recently read an article about how dogs and cats react to HDTV.

The image of a roomful of half-grown pandas barely paying attention to a panda sex-ed video makes me laugh and laugh, though. And I can't imagine human teens being encouraged to go out and practice what they've learned on the grounds that they're so cute and endangered! :-)


my husband and i were wondering about whether or not panda porn could possibly work. our conclusion: NO. how would the bears even know what they were seeing? can they see a television screen? my dog can't. thanks for this piece of information. i thought it was all a bunch of hooey.


The whole "pandas watching porn" schtick is a load of bologne. There is no way pandas learn from watching videos. And despite the limited success of AI, natural mating remains the most reliable way to create a baby panda.. or two.


whoa, wait a minute, shouldn't that be "left" thinking JH?


awright! obey butterstick! count me in!

John Hlinko

Butterstick has a posse!


Yes! PandaFix rules

labwitch everyone except pandas knows how to make a baby panda? :)


I always think stuff about panda mating is so hilarious! When they do it right, they still look all roly-poly and cute. I busted out laughing at the Animal Planet special on Tai Shan, when Tian Tian went on eating his bamboo while Mei Xiang was backing up into him. My male friends uniformly thought he was the stupidest panda ever--I guess he's relatively normal by his species' standards!

So we have to judge them by their standards and not ours, of course--but by human standards, I still find it funny. Wonder what they make of us!


Trop mimi.....

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