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Baby Lap Panda

She calls this the "happiest moment of my life"... Pictures with a baby panda for about $12.  Check out her site- she has many, much larger, images from the Chengdu Breeding and Research Center.




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my husband is obsessed with pandas....i din't like them but now I'm obsessed too. I don't know what it is but htey are amazing


that girl is hot
cut me a piece of that cake


I've been to the same research centre and was allowed to go in with 7 1yr old babies, its an amazing experience and i would definitly recommend it. the research centre is surrounded by lush green mountains, the air is also very fresh compared to the cities.

Shirley Marotta

I would love to hold a panda and give it a good squeezee! I cannot imagine feeding one too, aaahhh!!!! I am planning my trip to Wolong as soon as possible!

Jimmy The Panda

Is it just me or does anyone else find those pandas as sexy as hell? All my friends laugh at me for dating fat chicks, but they are the closest I can get to a real panda.


Did she ever image so huge a baby siting on her knee?:)


How wonderful!!!

Sixty pounds--that's a big ol' sack of potatoes. :-)

But what a cute panda (isn't that redundant?). She looks so happy. I love all her pictures, too. Some of them would make great wallpapers.


What a lucky girl to get to hold the Panda!


I think these pictures are lovely. It is so nice that panda lovers share their images and spread the panda love.


Ok, I SO want to do this. I am saving money to make a trip to China... I'm hoping within the next 3 years or so. It would be my life's dream to hold a panda -- no matter what size :)


wow, those are pretty big bears. I've always dreamed of holding a smaller one, say 5 months old. But they probably don't allow it due to bacteria, virus or whatever. Still, I'd love to hold a baby panda.

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