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VIDEO: NEW from panda kindergarten

There can never be enough video of the 16 pandas playing around in the panda kindergarten!

Look at the one on the slide!  Look at the "bully" panda on the bench!

And it's all set to music!  Genius! 

More exclamation points!

Click on the Play button located in the middle of the image!


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Shirley Marotta

The pandas playing in the snow are too cute for words!! I have watched it so many times that I think I am officially a panda addict!!!


Ohhhhh, yes! That's my Christmas/Winter Solstice e-card, right there! Thank you! :-)

I do hope I can remember it in a few months...


the bully panda cub is funny! there's always a little bully at every playground. love the Christmas music too. i hope this video will be around in december; i'll email it as a holiday greeting to my friends.


What a great picture, full of innocence and love.


Baby pandas! And Michael Bublé, too! Who could ask for more?!!

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