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VIDEO: 5 baby pandas

This is fun... from the description on YouTube: In this program, regular members try to keep unique animals in their houses. During the days spent with the animals, the members get to know the behaviour of the animals. The animals have had training, and are from zoos or other facilities. Can Becky keep a panda well?

This is part one of 4... the link to episode 2 is here, the rest are right there on YouTube.


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homes for sale

This baby panda is too cute! If only you could keep one as a pet, I would probably have 20.


This obviously isn't her house- it's a building on the Wolong Panda Reserve. That makes it less creepy. They haven't actually been taken away from their home.


This is unbelievable and sad. Pandas are a cute as anything, but they are wild animals and are not pets. Nor are they human babies, and they should not be treated as such.

Imagine the controversy if a 4 month old human baby was left to be raised by a group of pandas...

Janet Anderson

It was wonderful to see the little bears, but I found it on the whole rather disturbing to watch. The babies seemed distressed and disorientated, and as Donna remarked, they should be with their Mothers. I would love to have the chance to be close to the baby pandas, but only if I knew they were happy. You see the little panda trying to get back up the slide and she is stopping him/her? Thats the kind of thing I mean. I know no unkindness is meant, but they did not seem at all happy to me. The little one by the refridgerator seemed very agitated.
It was lovely to see them..but not like this.


I wish it was me too. I wouldn't be so manic with them as she is though.
Shouldn't bears this age still be with Mum though? Imagine if it was Tai or Su.


Everything about this seems so wrong and yet so right......I wish it was me.

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