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Olympics Pandas Draw Over 1 Million Visitors


The eight "Olympic pandas" have witnessed more than one million visitors since their arrival in Beijing from the Wolong Giant Panda Nature Reserve in southwest China's Sichuan Province on June 5.

"Crowds press six deep up against the glass. Everyone jostles for a position. Cameras flash constantly. The very sight of the pandas makes people grin inanely."

Click here to see a video from BBC World!


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Baby Gear


Ahhh, he is so cute. I love to see panda's playing.

Carleigh Garrett

I ABSOLUTELY Adore pandas they are lush!
and so cute!i wish they werent endangered my dream is to see one in real life!:D

Will O'Neill


This is a great blog - please also check out my new cute animal blog at

Hannah Garrett MN

I absoloutley LOOOOOOVVVEEE pandas!!!! :)
I just wish I could do something to help them...
-confused Minnesotan

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