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Mei Lan's Debut!

Her name means "Atlanta Beauty" and she lived up to it this past Friday when she made her public debut with her mom, Lun Lun.  Video is here!

Thanks to the AP for the following images, which can be found here, here, herehere, here, and here.







Welcome, Mei Lan!


And her name, Mei Lan, roughly translates to "Atlanta beauty" Indeed!

53,000 votes!

Much more to follow about Mei Lan, but check out these links for more info:

Zoo Atlanta Panda Updates

AJC's Panda Watch section

The picture is of Mei Lan during her weekly health check on December 7. (REUTERS/Zoo Atlanta/Handout)

Like my manicure?

Picture originally uploaded by MandyPandaBear.

SO much more to come on this little one!

Atlantapanda Info

Look at her little paws!  Thanks to ZooAtlanta for the photo...


Here's some info you want to check out- great updates each day...


Lun Lun and cub updates: 9/16 to 9/29 (or so)

Lun Lun and cub updates: 9/6 to 9/15

Girl Atlantapanda!

R2158528906At just 19 days old, she's looking healthy during her first examination, weighing 1.4 pounds.

The traditional naming ceremony will take place when she turns 100 days old and you can bet Atlanta will rally around that event!


LunWhat wonderful and fantastic news from Atlanta!

Lun Lun, the 9 year old mother, gave birth to a brand new baby panda, September 6th, 2006 just before 5:00PM EST.

Hooray for San Diego, Washington DC and now Atlanta!  And here's hoping Memphis gets it done soon too...!

As we all know, pandas are no good at making baby pandas without some help.  After 7 years of hoping that Lun Lun and Yang Yang would get it done the natural way, zoo officials finally got Lun Lun artificially inseminated back in March.

Pandafixers, we get a lot to look forward to in the coming months!

VIDEO: Lun Lun gives birth (middle of the page)

Congratulations to Zoo Atlanta! And congratulations to all the good people in Atlanta and everywhere else who get another opportunity to watch a new baby panda come of age...

More to come!  And thanks to Carrie Anne for sharing the excitement!

Atlanta baby panda?

Image_3698207That has a nice ring to it: "Atlanta baby panda!" could scream from the headlines in late July or early August if everything went right back in March...

This is a picture of Lun Lun as "...zookeeper J.T. Svoke keeps the snacks coming for panda Lun Lun as she undergoes an ultrasound last week at Zoo Atlanta."

"If Lun Lun has a successful pregnancy, her baby would be one of the few American-born pandas: San Diego Zoo has birthed two pandas; Smithsonian National Zoological Park in Washington had a cub last year, via artificial insemination. The endocrinologist who worked on that procedure assisted on Lun Lun's earlier this year."

C'mon, Lun Lun!