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12 cute baby pandas in China!

Hooray! 12 more baby pandas were born at the Chengdu Breeding and Research Center in Sichuan, China.  Thanks to ninemsn in Australia for the picture- look at them!

Baby pandas china

And more pictures here courtesy of Asianewsphoto and China Daily- thanks"

18 Baby Pandas: Adorable Photos!

So, it was announced yesterday that the public is being asked to suggest names for the 18 baby pandas in China...

Check out the gallery of these poor, nameless baby pandas... do you feel sorry for them because they only have numbers as their names?  Then start making suggestions- they need you!

I'm not playing favorites but here are some of the cutest shots:











#11 (again):














All photos from The Research and Conservation Center for Giant Pandas.

Fat Panda = No Sex

Captbk10301160843thailand_panda_sex_bk10 Ah, Chuang Chuang, what are we going to do with you?  It seems he's become too fat to have sex with Lin Hui, his "wife".  Video is here!

Not that he'd be any good at it, even if he wasn't a fat bear.

It was a year ago when the two first tried the lovemaking, which made Thai officials "elated" because they had gone through the trouble of having the two pandas "married" in a special ceremony to bring them luck in the lovemaking department:

But then, we saw this picture, which shows Chuang Chuang looking not so smart:

If I was a betting man, I'd say that Lin Hui will go the artificial insemination route.  Just a guess.

VIDEO: 5 baby pandas

This is fun... from the description on YouTube: In this program, regular members try to keep unique animals in their houses. During the days spent with the animals, the members get to know the behaviour of the animals. The animals have had training, and are from zoos or other facilities. Can Becky keep a panda well?

This is part one of 4... the link to episode 2 is here, the rest are right there on YouTube.

VIDEO: Candid Panda

Many thanks to James Thornton for pointing me to this- through the glory of youtube, check out the video I linked to recently... sadly, you had to leave to check it out and it was tiny... so, stay here and watch!  And thanks to James!

These are outtakes from a piece NBC news did on the panda baby boom in China- the baby pandas are all over the reporter!

VIDEO: NEW from panda kindergarten

There can never be enough video of the 16 pandas playing around in the panda kindergarten!

Look at the one on the slide!  Look at the "bully" panda on the bench!

And it's all set to music!  Genius! 

More exclamation points!

Click on the Play button located in the middle of the image!

Baby Lap Panda

She calls this the "happiest moment of my life"... Pictures with a baby panda for about $12.  Check out her site- she has many, much larger, images from the Chengdu Breeding and Research Center.



VIDEO: Panda Kindergarten!

PdaGoodness gracious!

Video of Panda kindergarten!

The world's largest panda breeding centre, in China's Sichuan province, opens a "kindergarten" for baby pandas.

The school at the Wolong Giant Panda Breeding and Research Centre in China's Sichuan province is the first of its kind.

Five female and 11 male baby pandas will spend at year living there, away from their parents.

The centre hopes a taste of independence and group play sessions will help develop their social skills so they'll find a mate more easily.

A low reproduction rate is a prime reason the panda population is threatened.

16 baby pandas: month by month

What's better than taking another look at the 16 baby pandas, this time with new pictures from the Wolong Panda Club?  Click on the pictures for larger versions...

In January 2006 (pictures by Levy and Cindy):


In December 2005 (pictures by Levy and Heng Yi):





In November 2005 (pictures by Levy):


More pics: 16 baby panda cubs at Wolong

The video of the 16 baby pandas is a favorite, but these new pictures!  Too much panda!