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VIDEO: Name a Panda!

_42495325_closeMuch more to come later today, but enjoy:

Name these pandas!

and watch this baby panda video insanity!  Pandas everywhere!

Link to AP video here

Link to Reuters video here

VIDEO: 5 baby pandas

This is fun... from the description on YouTube: In this program, regular members try to keep unique animals in their houses. During the days spent with the animals, the members get to know the behaviour of the animals. The animals have had training, and are from zoos or other facilities. Can Becky keep a panda well?

This is part one of 4... the link to episode 2 is here, the rest are right there on YouTube.

VIDEO: Playing with pandas!

These are awesome videos from Swamibu, who hails from the UK, visited Wolong, and became one with the baby pandas.

Three short videos here... I've said it before and I'll say it again- I am going to China and I will play with the bears and bearesses.

Enjoy!  And to Swamibu- you rule for taking your videocam with you- thanks!

Video 1 of 3

Video 2 of 3 is here

VIDEO: Candid Panda

Many thanks to James Thornton for pointing me to this- through the glory of youtube, check out the video I linked to recently... sadly, you had to leave to check it out and it was tiny... so, stay here and watch!  And thanks to James!

These are outtakes from a piece NBC news did on the panda baby boom in China- the baby pandas are all over the reporter!

VIDEO: 9 baby pandas!


Video of 9 baby pandas with sound! Listen to them, too funny!

And a second one here!


Chinese care takers displayed nine panda cubs, from two-week-old to two-month-old, as they prepare to feed them at the Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding and Research Center in Chengdu, China's Sichuan province Thursday, Sept. 28, 2006.  Photo credits to AP Photo/Color China Photo.




VIDEO: Pandas gone wild!

NbcThis is a fun video to watch... the link is right under the picture.

These are outtakes taken from a story that an NBC reporter, Mark Mullen, did about pandas.

The pandas are all over the place- check it out!

Video: A startled panda!

With thanks to Fabian from Germany and Holly from NYC!

VIDEO: Baby panda traveller

Yes, this is not a real baby panda in this great commercial for Finnair... but the baby panda is adventurous and cute, so it isn't all that far removed from reality, right?

Click on the Play button located in the middle of the image!

VIDEO: Panda battle!

Now here's some good, strong playtime... I love the panda using himself as battering ram in the beginning.  The video starts off really fun and the running commentary (in Cantonese?) provides an interesting and excited soundtrack.

Click on the Play button located in the middle of the image!

VIDEO: NEW from panda kindergarten

There can never be enough video of the 16 pandas playing around in the panda kindergarten!

Look at the one on the slide!  Look at the "bully" panda on the bench!

And it's all set to music!  Genius! 

More exclamation points!

Click on the Play button located in the middle of the image!