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Princess Growing Up

Captwxs10501152030panda_brunch_wxs105As much as I wish that pandas could stay baby-sized forever, they do, in fact, grow up and turn into adult pandas.

Su Lin is heading that way now.  At 17 months old, Su Lin will soon begin the weaning process "in which San Diego Zoo keepers and researchers will incrementally separate [Bai Yun, her mother, and Su Lin] over the next few weeks until the pair is fully independent."

Happily, I'm sure we will one day see Su Lin's kids all over pandafix, too!

Thanks to AP Photo/Zoological Society of San Diego for the image.

Su Lin Helps Out

Picture originally uploaded by Azaz the Unabridged.

The adorable Su Lin! Fluffy panda princess!

Thanks very much, Azaz the Unabridged!


Picture originally uploaded by kjdrill.

Her name means "A little bit of something cute" and she sure does live up to it!

While Tai Shan is a superstar in DC after fulfilling the National Zoo's longtime hopes for a panda cub, Su Lin attracted less attention during her first year in San Diego.

But today, on her first birthday, let's all be thankful for this pretty girl and all of the baby pandas she'll one day have!

To celebrate, the San Diego Zoo is giving her a party and us a treat!

Download a FREE Su Lin Screensaver from the San Diego Zoo!

And watch her birthday party later today here!

Writes the San Diego Zoo blog: "Su Lin’s first birthday is tomorrow, and the Zoo is celebrating by providing her with a custom-made birthday cake. For past cubs, the cake has been an ice sculpture, often with fruit frozen into the layers of the cake. Some enterprising Zoo employees once fashioned birthday candles out of bamboo and added flame-like pieces of yam on top. It is always neat to see what our staff dream up for events such as this!

And, once again, thanks so much to kjdrill for this perfect shot of Su Lin and letting the world see how adorable she is! See his other photos of Su Lin here...

The soon-to-be Birthday Girl!

Picture originally uploaded by kjdrill.

What a fantastic shot by kjdrill! Adorable!

Maybe she's excited about her big First Birthday on Wednesday, August 2nd...

"I see a fruitsicle coming"

Picture originally uploaded by kjdrill.

Easy Does It...

Picture originally uploaded by cutesmallfuzzy.

What a comfy spot for a nap

Picture originally uploaded by amberlion.

Cirque Du Soleil - Panda style

Picture originally uploaded by kjdrill.

Su Lin, Up Close

Picture originally uploaded by paigelynn.

Sweetness made into a panda girl

Picture originally uploaded by Cuquis.

How can you argue with that title?

Cuquis represents for the West Coast, as always.