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Video: Su Lin, Week 21

Screenshot_02This by FAR the best, cutest video of Su Lin.  Rolling around, climbing, being a baby panda.  Great stuff.

After you click through, the link will be in the left hand column, at the top.

ALSO: Su Lin is now on public display from 9:00AM to Noon every day. If anyone visits and takes some pictures, please let me know!

Meanwhile, check out Su Lin during this past week (click the bottom photo for a much larger image):



Video: Su Lin Week 20 Exam

Screenshot_04_1 This video is from her Week 20 exam- a wiggly panda.

She's venturing outside a lot and lucky visitors are seeing her more and more although there are no established hours just yet.

Look in the left side column for the video...

Video: Su Lin Week 19 Exam

Screenshot_03 Su Lin, the San Diego Zoo’s 19-week-old giant panda cub, is spending more time outside in the exhibit on a daily basis.

The most recent posts for Su Lin's video clips appear in the left hand column at the top...

Video: More from Su Lin's public appearance

Link: From the San Diego Zoo

The other day, I posted video from KFMB in San Diego that showed Su Lin out in the open in the exhibit space.

A longer, better version of the video is now on the San Diego Zoo's website.

While you're there, check out the videos of Su Lin's weekly exams- they're great.

Video: Su Lin makes a public appearance

Link: KFMB, San Diego

Yesterday, there was a series of pictures- today, video.

The video shows Su Lin being dragged by it's mother by the neck which zoo handlers say is normal and actually comfortable for the tiny panda.

What about all that the banging into the logs?

Video: Su Lin Week 18 Exam

Link: The walking improved a lot in the last week!

As always, most recent posts for Su Lin's video clips are in the left hand column at the top...

Video: Su Lin Week 17 Exam

Su Lin is becoming a handful...

Click on the photo of Su Lin instead of the title of the posting, right now it's incorrectly linked to Week 16's exam instead of Week 17's.

Video: Su Lin Week 16 Exam

Su Lin practicing a wobbly kind of walking...

These weekly exam videos really are the most fun to watch.

Video: Su Lin's Weekly Exams

Pandaweeklyexam11205 Link: Su Lin getting her weekly medical exams.

From 8 weeks old (October 5th, 2005) through today, with frequent video updates.

Video: Su Lin Panda Cam Daily Time-Lapse

Link: The Daily Panda.

If you've missed a day of Su Lin on the Panda Cam, check out these full day time-lapse videos.