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VIDEO: Tai Shan's First Birthday

Picture originally uploaded by somesai.

And what a party!

Great coverage from the Washington Post, as always.  The video is in the middle of the page, along with a gallery of photos.

Here's a link to the ongoing Special Report they continuously add to- video, slideshows, articles- tons of gold there!

Lastly, check out the video and slideshows from nbc4 in Washington, DC- they're in the middle right-side of the page.

And no, we won't talk about his second birthday for a long while- that will be difficult to write about.

More pictures of Tai's party from somesai, of course.  And more about somesai in a moment!

VIDEO: Tai Sun

TaisunButterstick enjoyed the warm weather last week with some wrestling...

"The panda cub turned 8 months old Thursday [March 9th]. He looked like a handful for his mom Friday, following her around and badgering her until she relented and gave him a big hug."

Video: Tai Shan Takes First Steps Outside

Thanks to DC Panda Fan for the link!


Video: Tai Shan Weekly Exam, November 23, 2005

Link: Panda Cub Latest Exam.


Link: Wonkette: PANDA CAM DOWN

Where is Drudge with that fucking siren!?! Okay, everyone: Deep breath. The panda cam (at Animal Planet, where they don't LIMIT YOU to 15 minutes like some Zoos I know) is down. What is Butterstick doing? We don't know! Is he tumbling down his rock pile? Contemplating his paws? Humping the cage bars? Possibly pushing cute beyond previously known boundaries?

Video: AP Video of Tai Shan November 29, 2005

Link: New York Times Video

Great video from the AP of Tai Shan meeting the media.  Best I've seen so far...

Video: Panda cub gets its close-up

Link: Reporters from around the world get first peek

There's a link here to a 4:37 video from CNN this morning, featuring Lisa Stevens, the Assistant Curator for Pandas at the National Zoo.

Video: Tai Shan Video Updates

Link: Tai Shan Video Updates from Animal Planet

"Watch National Zoo Assistant Curator Lisa Stevens and other zoo staff descrive early panda cub exams, share cub expectations and developments and explain panda reproduction and monthering traits.  Please note: A brief advertisement may appear before these videos.  Thank you for your patience."

Video: Tai Shan Yelps During Checkup

Link: Tai Shan Yelps During Checkup.

He sure does.

Video: Tai Shan Weekly Exam- 10/13/05

Link: Tai Shan Medical Exam.

This video contains no sound but is great to see...