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New baby panda in San Diego!

443494769_panda_birthxlarge "Gao Gao is a very proficient mater," said [Dr. Ron Swaisgood, co-head of the {San Diego Zoo} panda program]

Indeed he is!

More from USAToday:

"The panda showed signs of labor early Friday, getting restless and frequently shifting position in a private den, Swaisgood said. When the cub finally came, Bai Yun quickly scooped it up and clutched it to her breast.

The cub hardly cried at all -- evidence of its mother's deftness.

'Usually the mother will bobble the cub or her paw will slip and the cub will cry until it's repositioned,' Swaisgood said. 'But (Bai Yun) was keeping that cub so content it didn't cry at all. It made a few squawks and that was it.'"

So exciting and congratulations to everyone involved, most especially Bai Yun!

Baby Panda Maker #1

3708391293_pregnant_pandaxlargeBai Yun will contribute another baby panda to the world this summer, her fourth baby panda.

Gao Gao is the proud panda papa, but in all honesty he doesn't really care at all because pandas are like that.

But WE care!

Way to go, Bai Yun, and thanks!

(The photo of pretty Bai Yun is credited to AP Photo/San Diego Zoo)